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The purpose of the National Sports Village (NSV) development is to provide amenities to local residents and visitors of the National Sports Center (NSC).  It aims to fulfill the requests and needs of the growing community of Blaine and enhance the overall experience for those visiting the area. The NSV development aligns with Blaine's growth and leadership objectives, acting as a complement to the adjacent city center and supporting the vision for the site.


Through commercial buildings, various businesses, and recreational facilities, the NSV aims to create a vibrant and dynamic space for leisure, dining, entertainment, and community engagement.

The National Sports Village (NSV) is a two-phase development located at 105th Ave and Radisson Rd, next to the National Sports Center (NSC) grounds in Blaine, Minnesota. Blaine is a growing city and is expected to have an estimated 90,000 residents by 2040. The NSC attracts over 4.2 million visitors annually, who are looking for activity, service, and hospitality options as well.

Phase I of the NSV development will cover three acres and will include two commercial buildings measuring over 28,000 square feet. Building One will be a single tenant building leased by Pizza Pub Prime, a local family business. It will offer family-style and sports-oriented dining on the first level, and a lounge and rooftop patio space on the second level for date nights, networking, social entertainment, and business meetings.

Building Two, with limited availability left, will have mixed-use tenants such as restaurants, a private members speak easy, cosmetic services like Botox, convenient coffee, unique ice cream, and more. Construction for Phase I will begin in July 2023 and is expected to be completed by March 2024.

Phase II of the NSV development will cover twelve acres and will consist of five buildings. Some of the planned tenants include New Creations Day Care, AKASport, a Minnesota Hockey Hall of Fame with a focus on youth hockey, two retail buildings, and another yet to be determined commercial building. Construction for Phase II is set to start as early as the summer of 2025.

There are also discussions in progress for more exciting opportunities for the future expansion of the NSV development.


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